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Thailand Trials New, Domestically-Made CS/AH2 Light Howitzer

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Thailand’s Defense Technology Institute (DTI) has announced the successful trial of its new, 105-millimeter CS/AH2 light howitzer prototype.

The test, conducted in cooperation with the Artillery Center of the Royal Thai Army, took place at the Khao Phu Lon Artillery Shooting Range in central Thailand.

During the event, the artillery system fired a total of five rounds – three rounds of uphill fire at 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles), and two rounds of lowland fire at 11.4 kilometers (7.1 miles).

According to the DTI, the test was successful, as the CS/AH2 prototype fired projectiles accurately both uphill and in the lowland.

DTI chairman Gen. Porphon Maneerin, RTA director Gen. Chuchat Buakaw, and Thai military commander Maj. Gen. Noppasit Khongchinsartthiti oversaw the live-fire test.

About the CS/AH2 Howitzer

In September 2021, the DTI announced 48-million Thai baht ($1.3 million) in funding to research and develop an indigenous CS/AH2 prototype using technologies transferred from Chinese defense firm Poly Technologies.

It is meant to replace the country’s outdated artillery systems, including the M-425 105-mm towed howitzer, L119 105-mm towed howitzer, and Italian Mod 56 105-mm towed howitzer.

It also reflects Bangkok’s commitment to modernizing its defense capabilities.

According to reports, the CS/AH2 is equipped with an inertial navigation unit for guidance, positioning, and targeting.

It also has a soil temperature measurement system for determining airflow, bullet trajectory, and assisting forward observers.

Additionally, the Thai howitzer may have a digital fire control system and satellite coordinate system for improved attack.

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