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Thales to build drone countermeasure for France

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The French defense procurement agency has selected multinational aerospace firms Thales and CS Group to develop a drone countermeasures system called the Protection Déployable Modulaire Anti-Drone (PARADE).

With a total program budget of 350 million euros ($368 million), the French military will receive six PARADE systems over 11 years.

According to Thales, counter-drone systems are crucial since “millions of new drones” are projected to enter the skies over the next two decades, creating an “extremely complex” aviation ecosystem and heightened security challenges.

The PARADE system will reportedly have a “scalable, modular” design to effectively address evolving threats and protect people and military facilities.

Thales and CS GROUP said they will work closely with their European partners in developing the counter-drone system.

‘Highest Level of Safety’

Beyond providing 360-degree site protection, Thales explained that its PARADE system will be designed for easy transport by land, air, or sea, significantly increasing its scope of use and speed of deployment.

The armed forces will utilize the system to help secure events, people, infrastructure, and military operations overseas.

“Thales’ drone countermeasures solutions ensure safety and security at all levels of military and civil airspace,” Thales managing director Thomas Got said. “The consortium led by Thales and CS GROUP enables us to offer a drone countermeasures solution that meets the requirements of the DGA and the French armed forces and ensures the highest level of safety and security for people.”

CS Group deputy chief executive officer Marie de Saint Salvy explained that the new system will guarantee permanent situational awareness and help the military determine the best way to respond to threats.

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