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Thales to Deliver Second Air Defense System to Ukraine

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Thales has signed a deal with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to deliver a second complete air defense system.

The ControlMaster 200 (CM200) will include a Ground Master 200 (GM200) air surveillance radar, radio communications system, command-and-control center, and portable weapon allocation terminals.

The defense network will be used to detect, identify, and neutralize airborne threats in low to high altitudes.

Its architecture will allow for extended interoperability, coordinating with Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) and Extended Short Range Air Defence (E-SHORAD) systems.

“This second air defence system will strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian territory, enabling early detection of existing threats. Thales is proud to put its expertise at the service of Ukraine’s protection,” Thales Land and Air Systems Executive Vice President Hervé Dammann said.

The agreement comes a year after the company signed a contract to deliver Kyiv’s first air GM200 radar.

The CM200

Thales’ CM200 provides complete airspace surveillance up to a range of 155 miles (250 kilometers), significantly boosting the operational capabilities and kill probabilities of air defense systems ranging from guns to extended range missiles.

It guides the GM200 in targeting aerial threats such as helicopters, fighter jets, cruise missiles, and drones.

Its ControlView air situation management node also processes real-time radar information, utilizing the system’s 1.5-second rotation speed to counter fast targets.

The CM200 is part of Thales’ ForceShield ground-based air defense solution, a line of open-architecture systems that focuses on neutralizing targets via immediate detection, coordination, and engagement.

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