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The UK and Poland Will Develop a New Anti-Aircraft Missile

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During the MSPO 2023 fair a letter of intent was signed regarding the development of a new anti-aircraft missile CAMM-MR for the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and Poland.

The new missile, desginated CAMM-MR, is supposed to complement the family of CAMM and CAMM-ER missiles in intergrated air defence systems under the Miecznik, Narew and Pilica+ projects. It is intended to allow for engagement of targets at distances of 100 km, being a “low-cost” supplement to the PAC-3 MSE missiles used in the Wisła system.

According to the letter of intent, PGZ and MBDA UK committed themselves to develop a joint missile. CAMM-MR is to take into account the requirements of the Ministry of National Defence and be intended for use on land platforms as well as on ships, not only in Poland but also in Britain.

Undoubtedly, the development of this rocket will be based on the experience gained from the extensive technology transfer of the CAMM-ER missile, which is covered by the implementation agreement signed at MSPO 2023. Of course, it will also use technologies developed on the occasion of other programs, such as Wisła and Pilica+.

This letter of intent is intended to map future actions that both PGZ and MBDA should undertake to engage in the design, development and production of the CAMM-MR. We also call this initiative Future Common Missile, to indicate that it is meant to serve the Polish and British armed forces as a joint product of both sides. A new chapter is opening for PGZ, therefore, as a trusted partner of MBDA, we are very motivated to engage in cooperation in the field of design and development, including the use of such resources as the Hardware-In-The-Loop Laboratory.

Working together on a new missile is a historic step for our companies and countries. MBDA was established to support the cross-border development of missile systems in Europe, so we are very proud to work with PGZ and Poland on a new project.

It is assumed that the new missile will be integrated with the IBCS combat management system, similarly to the CAMM-ER missiles, which will be introduced in the Narew program. The introduction of a missile with a range of about 100 km or more, which will be cheaper than the PAC-3 MSE and will operate in a single command system with the Wisła and Narew batteries, will significantly strengthen the Polish air defence. The plan to include a newly developed missile based on the CAMM family with a longer range in the “Polish shield” was first announced during Defence24 DAY 2022.

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