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Three new military bases being built in Lithuania

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Lithuania intends to use the new bases for the deployment of its forces and of those NATO allies who are on the territory of the country.

Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas told about this.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, this regards the “from scratch” construction of military campuses located in the area of Šiauliai, Vilnius and Šilalė.

According to Minister Anušauskas, these new military campuses will provide good conditions for the military and will be a significant contribution to the country’s national security.

“We are currently building 3 new military campuses in Lithuania. They will provide excellent conditions for our troops and our allies. This will make a significant contribution to our national security,” the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania wrote on Twitter.

The infrastructure of military campuses includes barracks, canteens, administrative buildings, hospitals, as well as educational and sports centers, training grounds for military personnel, depots, and more.

As previously reported, the Lithuanian government expects Germany to send a brigade of up to 5,000 servicemen to the country by 2026.

The deployment of additional forces in the Baltic states is necessary to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.

Vilnius plans to deploy an entire brigade of personnel in Lithuania on a rotational basis.

Back in the summer of this year, Lithuania began preparing military infrastructure to receive the German brigade two years sooner than planned – in mid-2025, not in 2027.

Lithuania has also started the restoration of the military training ground in Rudninkai and started building barracks in other regions of the country. The need to create a training ground is dictated by the difficult geopolitical situation in the Baltic region, related threats and intensive development of the Armed Forces of Lithuania, and the deployment of NATO forces in the country.

Approximately € 350 million may be needed for all the infrastructure improvement works.

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