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Turkey’s FNSS to establish armored vehicle repair center in Oman

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Turkish land vehicles manufacturer FNSS is set to establish a maintenance and repair center in Oman for the vehicles it has so far delivered to the Middle Eastern country, the company said in a statement

Accordingly, Oman Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Center Agreement was signed between the FNSS and the Ministry of Defense of the Oman government, within the scope of the industry participation and offset obligation of the Armored Personnel Carrier and Integrated Logistics Support Supply Agreement.

The Turkish manufacturer has delivered a total of 172 Pars III 6×6 and 8×8 armored vehicles in 13 different configurations to the country, deliveries of which started in 2017 and completed in 2020, together with the integrated logistics support capabilities necessary for the correct maintenance of the vehicles throughout their life cycle.

In a bid to take these capabilities to the next level, a mutual agreement was reached to provide a Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Center to the Royal Oman Army.

FNSS, under the agreement, will establish the center and enable the provision of all necessary machinery and equipment.

The Oman Royal Army personnel will be trained, on-site inspection and consultancy services will be provided, and technical and managerial know-how will be transferred to the Oman Army for the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Under the project, it is also aimed to contribute to the local companies in Oman for spare part production.

With the Oman Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Center, which will be implemented by the FNSS with the technology transfer and know-how it has provided to its users around the world for over 30 years, the Royal Army of Oman will gain a full-fledged center with the option to expand, which it can also use for future modernization needs. Accordingly, it will be ensured that the delivered Pars III vehicles can be used more effectively and as a deterrent on the battlefield throughout their life cycle.

The FNSS will also contribute to the development of Oman’s national industry, strengthening small and medium-scale enterprises (SMNEs) as well as creating employment opportunities.

As part of the deal signed between the FNSS and Oman back in 2015, the Omani military received several versions of the Pars including: 25-millimeter and 30-millimeter turrets and 12.7 millimeters remote-controlled turret vehicles, armored combat vehicles that carry 120 millimeters of mortar, armored reconnaissance and surveillance vehicles, armored command vehicles, armored ambulances, armored rescue vehicles, armored maintenance vehicles, armored fortification chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense vehicles and armored combat vehicles from the Turkish company.

The defense company has carried out various successful export-oriented projects, mainly obtaining its turnover from foreign sales.

To date, the FNSS has delivered over 4,000 armored combat vehicles to its customers.

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