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Turkish armored vehicles contribute to peace, prosperity worldwide

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Turkish armored vehicles used in many regions of world, maintaining stability with UN peacekeeping operations

Türkiye gained recognition for producing well-equipped and battle-tested armored vehicles that have been used in several operations across many countries.

The progress in armored vehicles has advanced so much that Turkish defense vehicle manufacturers started competing against each other in the international arena.

More than 50 countries prefer 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 tactical vehicles developed by Turkish manufacturers.

In addition to the many countries opting to use and deploy Turkish armored vehicles, they are also seen in international operations.

One of the most significant international military and security operations in the world is UN peacekeeping operations.

The UN’s peacekeeping operations were first established in 1948 to maintain a cease-fire and stability in the Middle East.

Especially in the post-Cold War period, the UN peacekeeping operations changed and expanded in parallel with the developments in the nature of conflicts, and activities, ranging from conflict prevention to peace establishment.

At present, the UN peacekeeping operations remain as one of the most significant tools for maintaining international peace and stability.

Turkish armored vehicles bring peace

Many countries around the world make contributions to the UN peacekeeping operations with personnel, equipment, and vehicles, including Turkish-made armored vehicles.

Around 500 vehicles produced by the Turkish manufacturer Otokar are actively serving in South Sudan, Central Africa, Mozambique, Mali, Gambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Somalia, and Haiti as a part of the UN peacekeeping missions.

The number of Turkish armored vehicles approaches 1,000 when the Cobra, Cobra II, and Arma vehicles deployed in Yemen, Afghanistan, Ossetia, Ukraine, and Karabakh are included.

Armored vehicles made by the Turkish manufacturer Nurol Makina, namely the “Ejder Yalcin 4×4”, have been in use by the UN interim force and stabilization missions in Chad, Malaysia, Lebanon, Senegal, and the Central African Republic.

The UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali, which has been described as the most challenging and casualty-prone mission ever undertaken by the UN, stands out from others due to its unique geography, terrain, and weather conditions, coupled with frequent terrorist attacks.

Chad used the Nurol Makina-made Ejder Yalcin for several years in Mali until the country withdrew from the region following a UN resolution, although, despite sustaining a number of improvised explosive and ballistic attacks, the forces of Chad suffered no casualties, all thanks to the protection provided by Turkish armored vehicles.

Turkish auto manufacturer BMC delivered 24 units of water tankers capable of containing 5,000 liters to the Bangladesh army, and they were used in the service of the civilian population.

Turkish armored vehicle makers have contributed to the UN peacekeeping operations with more than 1,000 vehicles in total.

Source: TRT World

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