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Turkish defense giant Aselsan begins to export anti-drone system IHTAR

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Export contracts signed with Northern Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Niger, Angola for IHTAR

Turkish defense giant Turkish defense company Aselsan has achieved success in exporting their technology to protect critical infrastructure facilities from UAV threats, including their new signature IHTAR system.

According to information obtained by Anadolu, mini/micro UAVs pose a serious danger to civilian and military strategic facilities in the hands of malicious users. In order to neutralize this threat, various countermeasure systems are being developed.

Based on this need, Aselsan developed the anti-drone system IHTAR.

The anti-drone system aims to neutralize mini and micro UAV threats in urban and rural environments. It allows the protection of critical facilities, prevention of illegal border leaks, and safety of densely packed events.

Two contracts were signed for IHTAR last year to meet the need to protect the Turkish presidency from mini/micro UAV threats, which attracted attention both in Türkiye and abroad. In a short time, the IHTAR System integrated into vehicles and also deployed to campuses within the Presidential Complex started their work.

Three contracts also were signed to protect the strategically important TUPRAS and TPAO oil refineries and Türkiye’s Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant against mini/micro UAV threats. Deliveries to the companies serving in the energy sector will be completed this year.

Contracts were also signed for supplying IHTAR to countries such as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Niger, and Angola.

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