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Turkish defense giant Aselsan to soon deliver new miniature bomb

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Turkish defense giant Aselsan’s miniature bomb, TOLUN, is poised to debut as mass production has commenced following successful development.

The company showcased its array of solutions, particularly focusing on ammunition, avionics and electro-optical products tailored for air platforms at the prestigious Paris Airshow, renowned for bringing together global aviation experts.

Noteworthy among these cutting-edge offerings were the TOLUN Miniature Bomb, the TOLUN IIR Guided Miniature Bomb, the SADAK-4T Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack, as well as the GÖZDE and LGK-82 guidance kits.

The realization of a streamlined production line for TOLUN became possible through the collaborative efforts of Aselsan and the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), with whom development and production contracts were duly signed.

It aims to complete the certification tests per the usage concept of TOLUN and start delivery in July. During the development process of TOLUN, successful firing tests were carried out with the F-16 fighter jets in Turkish Air Forces’ inventory and Bayraktar Akıncı unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) developed by Turkish drone magnate Baykar.

TOLUN was developed as an INS/GPS-guided ammunition fired from an air platform with a multi-carrying bay and used against hard and soft land targets.

With a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles), TOLUN has both penetrating and particle-effect warhead variants.

Aselsan also developed a smart multi-carrying quad rack with its miniature bomb project. With the SADAK-4T Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack, a multi-aircraft carrying four tiny bombs can be placed under the wings of the F-16 planes. This creates a game-changing capability with simultaneous multi-target engagement.

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