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Turkish defense industry leaders visit Azerbaijani martyrs’ cemeteries in Baku

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Turkish defense industry leaders pay respects at Azerbaijani martyrs’ graves in Baku, emphasizing the enduring Turkish-Azerbaijani brotherhood

The President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, professor Dr. Haluk Gorgun, visited the grave of the late President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, and the Turkish and Azerbaijani martyrs’ cemeteries in Baku, accompanied by executives from Turkish defense industry companies.

Gorgun and the accompanying delegation first visited the Fahri Hiyaban, where the grave of the late Aliyev is located.

After laying a wreath at Heydar Aliyev’s memorial grave, Gorgun then laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame Monument in the Baku Martyrs’ Alley, where the martyrs of Jan. 20 are buried.

Accompanied by Türkiye’s Ambassador to Baku, Cahit Bagci, Gorgun then proceeded to the Baku Turkish Martyrs’ Cemetery, where he laid a wreath at the monument and signed the memorial book.

In the memorial book, Gorgun wrote: “To the esteemed sons of the Turkish nation, the heroic martyrs who fell for the independence of Azerbaijan and sacrificed their lives for these lands.

I feel the honor and happiness of being in your spiritual presence, a century after the struggle between the Ottoman Caucasian Islamic Army and the Azerbaijani army, shoulder to shoulder, in 1918.”

“Your struggle has been the guarantee of the peace and prosperity experienced in Azerbaijani lands today. The sacrifices you made without hesitation have served as a bridge in strengthening the unshakeable brotherhood between our countries. We will preserve this blessed legacy you have left us, embodying the brotherhood encapsulated in the words ‘one nation, two states,’ with all our might for eternity,” Gorgun mentioned.

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