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Turkish foreign minister urges changing global perceptions of Uyghurs

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‘Changing perception in the world and Islamic world regarding cultural rights and lives of Uyghurs here benefits China, us, and everyone,’ Hakan Fidan tells Chinese state broadcaster

Visiting China this week, the Turkish foreign minister stressed the importance of changing global perceptions of the cultural rights and lives of China’s Uyghur Turks.

Speaking to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, Hakan Fidan said this shift would benefit China, Türkiye, and the broader international community.

Addressing the Uyghur issue, Fidan advocated considering it as a matter of cultural richness without the need for any problems.

“Changing the perception in the world and the Islamic world regarding the cultural rights and lives of the Uyghurs here is beneficial for China, for us, and for everyone. Therefore, what we always say is this: we support China’s one-China policy, its territorial integrity, and its sovereignty,” he said.

Fidan also said his visit to China aimed to enhance bilateral relations, particularly in trade. “In terms of commercial relations, as you know, China is Türkiye’s second-largest trading partner. Currently, there is a trade volume approaching $50 billion between the two countries.”

“This is somewhat in favor of China,” Fidan said, adding that the visit sought ways to make this more balanced.

Fidan said there is significant partnership potential in terms of tourism, energy, nuclear energy, and technologies for the evaluation of precious minerals. “Connectivity issues are especially extremely important,” he added.

Telling how Türkiye has the Middle Corridor Project parallel to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Fidan also touched on possible ways to bring these projects together, and advancing connectivity projects.

– Israel’s war on Gaza

On Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, Fidan called for an immediate end to what he described as Israel’s internationally supported genocide in Gaza. “We need to stop this for humanity’s sake and immediately start humanitarian aid,” he said.

He underscored the importance of a two-state solution, urging the international community to act without delay on this.

He warned that failure to resolve the situation could lead to a larger conflict. “So a two-state solution is important. At this point, we appreciate China’s international stance. It is extremely important for China to support a two-state solution, to support a cease-fire, and to support humanitarian aid. In this regard, I believe China is truly playing a good role, it is playing a constructive role.”

On Monday, Fidan arrived in the Chinese capital for a three-day official visit at the invitation of his counterpart Wang Yi, who visited Türkiye last July.

This is Fidan’s first visit to China as foreign minister, a position he assumed last June.

Fidan also Wednesday visited Urumqi, the capital of China’s northwestern Xinjiang province.

Xinjiang is home to ethnic Uyghrus, who are mostly Muslims.

Fidan’s visit to the Xinjiang province is the highest-level visit from Türkiye since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was then prime minister, visited the region in April 2012.

In recent times, Türkiye has taken steps to strengthen its relations with all regions of China.​​​​​​​

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