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Turkish-made software used for tactical data passes NATO tests

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Türkiye’s simulation, testing and training software TDLSim (Tactical Data Link Simulator), designed for ensuring secure information exchange among military systems’ tactical data links, successfully performed its duties in a NATO exercise, completing a series of tests.

MilSOFT, which provides software-based solutions to the Turkish defense industry, participated in NATO’s largest digital interoperability exercise, CWIX 2024, held at the NATO Joint Force Training Center in Bydgoszcz, Poland, through its TDLSim product via the Air Forces Command.

During the exercise, the TDLSim product carried out a series of activities in the tactical data link (TDL) domain.

As part of the Coalition Interoperability Assurance and Verification activity, an integration event was conducted by NATO to ensure the interoperability of member states’ systems, including interoperability tests.

The goal of this activity is to demonstrate that systems connecting to the NATO network and conducting joint operations with NATO possess functions that are compatible with NATO standards and other NATO systems.

Systems that successfully complete these tests are evaluated as capable of joining the NATO network and conducting joint operations when necessary.

The activity is considered a certification event organized by NATO for TDL systems.

During the event, TDLSim successfully completed 146 tests, earning compatibility reports for various functions.

Under the joint operation scenario, roles such as airborne early warning and control aircraft, fighter aircraft, missile roles and tasks were assumed.

As a result of these tasks, TDLSim gained recognition from both Turkish and foreign participants.

The execution of the network-supported missile capability was highlighted as a significant capability by the scenario air coordinator to Turkish and foreign generals during CWIX 2024.

Throughout CWIX 2024, various tests were successfully completed with systems from NATO, the Netherlands, Spain, Czechia, Greece, Romania and other countries and organizations.

TDLSim was developed as simulation, testing and training software for tactical data links used by military systems to securely exchange information among themselves.

The tactical data link, essential for joint operations of combat systems such as military aircraft, ships, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and missiles, is simulated by TDLSim to enhance the readiness of these systems for operations.

Additionally, TDLSim can participate in exercises by connecting to a real tactical data network and performing the required tasks.

For instance, it can give commands to a command and control system to launch a missile from an F16/F-35 aircraft and guide the missile to its target, both in real and virtual environments.

TDLSim, which can also be used for training units like command and control systems, aircraft and missiles, provides opportunities for tactical data link analysis.

Including NATO Link-11, Link-16, Link-22, Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP), Standard Interface for Multiple Platform Link Evaluation (SIMPLE) and many other tactical data link standards, TDLSim enables the virtualization of all elements of a Link-16 network and its hardware.

TDLSim software was developed by MilSOFT as a domestic product.

It is actively used by the Turkish Land Forces Command, Turkish Air Forces Command, Aselsan, TÜBITAK SAGE, Azerbaijan Air Force and Pakistan Armed Forces.

Participation in the CWIX 2024 exercise in Poland, held every June within NATO, ensured the completion of successful tests with NATO systems, confirming compatibility with the systems.

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