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Turkish, Russian, Syrian, Iranian FMs likely to meet in May in Moscow

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Turkish FM Cavusoglu says talks would revive the political process after last year’s breakthrough meeting between defence ministers and intel chiefs of Türkiye, Russia, and Syria.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said a meeting between foreign ministers of Türkiye, Russia, Iran, and Syria will likely be held in early May in Moscow.

“We think it will happen in a period like the beginning of May, according to the preliminary information we received from the Russians. It will be in Moscow…It is currently scheduled for early May,” Cavusoglu said on Monday in an interview broadcast live on a Turkish broadcaster.

Cavusoglu said the issue was also discussed during Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to the capital Ankara last Friday.

The aim of all these talks is to revive the political process, lasting stability and peace, fight against terrorism, and guarantee Syria’s border and territorial integrity, he added.

Cavusoglu also said that in the upcoming meeting, the four ministers may also prepare for a possible leaders’ summit.

Last December, defence ministers and intelligence chiefs of Türkiye, Russia, and the Syrian regime met in Moscow and agreed to continue tripartite meetings to ensure stability in Syria and the wider region.

Iran was also included in the talks, with Türkiye previously saying that Ankara would be “pleased if Iran is involved in this process.”

The upcoming foreign ministers’ meeting would continue restarting high-level talks between Türkiye and its neighbour Syria since that country’s civil war began in 2011.

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