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Turkish weapons factory strengthened with new investments

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Turkiye’s Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE), which operates to meet the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) needs for weapons, ammunition and explosives through domestic manufacturing capabilities, is strengthening its abilities and making new investments to add new products and technologies to its existing production. It also plans to increase its quality and capacity.

A modernization project will be carried out at the Çankırı Weapons Factory, which is involved in the production of weapons and ammunition, and holds an important place in MKE’s activities. The capability and capacity of the Çankırı Weapon Factory, which is involved in the production of medium-caliber weapon systems in the Turkish defense industry, will be increased with the modernization work.

With the contribution of machinery and equipment investments, the project aims to reach a production capacity of 30 units of 35mm dual-barreled anti-aircraft guns, 1,000 units of 40mm drum-fed grenade launchers, 400 units of 40mm automatic grenade launchers, 1,000 units of 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine guns, and 20 units of 105mm BORAN howitzers per year.

The company will receive support for this investment, including customs duty exemption, VAT exemption, 80% tax reduction and a 40% investment contribution. MKE Çankırı Weapons Factory plays a role in the production of medium-caliber weapon systems, especially those needed by security forces.

The factory contributes to reducing dependence on foreign countries for these products with its range of weapon systems.

In addition to production facilities, the factory has various testing and inspection infrastructure.

MKE Çankırı Weapons Factory operates in a total area of 1,416,000 square meters (15,241,697 square feet), including 74,000 square meters of closed and 1,342,000 square meters of open areas.

Source: Daily Sabah

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