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Türkiye calls on France to support global fight against terrorism

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Members of PKK – recognized by EU a terrorist organization – can be ‘present and active’ in France, says communications director

Türkiye called on France to support global cooperation in fighting terrorism across the world, the country’s communications director said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a panel titled “Türkiye-France Relations Opportunities and Challenges” in the capital Ankara, Fahrettin Altun said the EU recognizes the PKK as a terrorist group, but its members can be “present and active” in France.

Ankara is also expecting France and other NATO allies put an end to all demonstrations and activities of the PKK and support the< fight against the terrorist group and the PYD/YPG, the PKK’s Syrian offshoot, he also said.

The “disinformation campaign” of the terrorist group will not only damage the bilateral relations between Ankara and Paris, but France itself, Altun warned.

“The French cement giant Lafarge provides support to many terrorist organizations including Daesh/ISIS. This is indeed going to be a dark mark on the history of France,” he said.

In October, Lafarge was slapped with a heavy fine of $778 million by a US court for supporting several terror groups in Syria in 2013-2014, including Daesh/ISIS.

Additionally, Ankara’s role and efforts to settle the East Mediterranean, Libya and Ukraine crises should be backed by Paris, Altun said.

Standing out as a stabilizing actor, Türkiye has done its share and will continue to do so to prevent the crisis in Ukraine to deepen even further, he pledged.

Also, France and Europe are facing challenges in handling illegal migration, he said, adding Türkiye should be taken as an example and a common working culture should be created.

In countries such as Syria and Libya, Paris’ policies should be in harmony with Ankara, he urged.

Türkiye and France have long-standing historical ties, Altun said, adding they can cooperate on many issues, including the handling of illegal migration, the defense industry, and fighting terrorism.

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