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Türkiye, Greece intend to join European Sky Shield Initiative

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Defense Minister Yaşar Güler and Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias signed a letter of intent to take part in the European Sky Shield Initiative.

The document was signed at a ceremony hosted by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in Brussels.

At the ceremony, Güler said: “This initiative, led by Germany, is an important step toward fulfilling NATO’s requirements while ensuring the interoperability and integration of allies. As Türkiye, we are ready to contribute to this initiative with our wide range of national capabilities.”

“I would like to thank Germany for its coordinating role in this important initiative. We will be pleased to work with you in this initiative serving the collective defense understanding,” he added.

The Turkish defense minister is in Brussels to attend the NATO defense ministers’ meeting.

Led by Germany in 2022, 17 European nations banded together on air defense with the initiative – although France, Italy and Poland have all stayed out.

The scheme would involve joint procurement for short-, medium- and long-range systems, including the German-made Iris-T, the American Patriot and the U.S.-Israeli Arrow-3.

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