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Türkiye set to launch 1st communication satellite in June

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Transport and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu has announced plans to launch Türksat 6A, Türkiye’s first domestic communication satellite, in June.

“Our Türksat 6A communication satellite will make our country one of the first 11 countries in the world that can produce communication satellites,” Uraloğlu declared during a recent visit to the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) facility on Sept. 16.

Uraloğlu inspected various ongoing projects at TUSAŞ and received detailed information from authorities about the Türksat 6A, which is currently undergoing integration processes.

One of the remarkable features of the satellite is its expanded coverage area, Uraloğlu noted. “Türksat 6A satellite will also provide services in new geographies such as Southeast Asia, which could not be covered by previous Türksat satellites,” he said.

This expanded reach is expected to enhance Türkiye’s connectivity and communication capabilities, according to the minister.

Highlighting the historical significance of the Türksat 6A satellite, Uraloğlu traced Türkiye’s journey in satellite broadcasting.

“Türkiye’s satellite broadcasting adventure, which started with Türksat 1B, was crowned with the first domestic communication satellite, Türksat 6A,” he stated.

The minister also provided technical details about the Türksat 6A satellite. It is designed to operate for a mission period of 15 years and boasts a high degree of domestic production, significantly reducing foreign dependency on the satellite and space sector. Critical components, such as the flight computer, power distribution unit, electric propulsion engine, fuel tank, power processing and control unit, will be produced domestically.

The Türksat 6A satellite’s assembly, integration, and testing processes are being carried out through collaboration between Türksat, Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) and TUSAŞ.

Once in orbit, the satellite will be positioned in a geocentric orbit at a distance of 35,786 kilometers and will be equipped with 20 transponders to facilitate its communication functions.

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