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Türkiye striving to ensure peace, stability from Black Sea to Middle East, says defense minister

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Guler says Türkiye has become ‘indispensable member’ of negotiating table, international security framework

Türkiye is striving to ensure peace and stability from the Black Sea to the Middle East, the country’s defense minister said on Sunday.

“In a time when tensions are escalating and conflicts are increasing worldwide, as Türkiye, we are exerting intense efforts for peace and stability to prevail from the Black Sea to Africa, from the Middle East to the Caucasus,” said Yasar Guler during his speech commemorating the 18 March Gallipoli Victory and Martyrs Memorial Day.

Guler said Türkiye has become an “effective actor” in ensuring global peace, and stability through multifaceted diplomacy under the leadership of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He added that the country has become an “indispensable member” of the negotiating table and the international security framework.

“Instead of the limited and temporary operations in past, today we are conducting continuous and comprehensive operations aimed at eradicating the source of the terrorist threat, dealing significant blows to terrorist organizations,” he said.

“Had we not been present there now, attacks by these organizations against our country and people would have continued domestically, as they did before, and the current stability would not have been maintained,” the minister added.

Guler reaffirmed Ankara’s determination to combat terrorism with resolve and steadfastness for the sake of the country’s peace and security.

– Türkiye’s persistent support to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Guler said Türkiye will continue to support the legitimate interests of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

“Just like before, we will continue to be present on the island for security, peace, and stability, and to support the legitimate interests of our brother, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, under all circumstances,” he pledged.

“Simultaneously with our fight against terrorism, we are also resolutely protecting our rights and interests in our blue homeland. In this context, we continue our activities in Cyprus within the framework of the Guarantee and Alliance Treaties, which are our national issues. I would like to stress once again that the confirmation of the acquired rights of our Turkish Cypriot brothers, namely sovereign equality and equal international status, is indispensable for us,” he added.

He also urged his counterparts to abandon “outdated, status quo-oriented, and provocative rhetoric,” and instead approach the resolution reasonably and logically, taking into account historical and current realities.

Ankara aspires to maintain the process with Athens by fostering good neighborly relations, dialogue, and a positive agenda under the Athens Declaration framework, Guler said, adding that Türkiye will never compromise its national rights and interests in the pursuit of a peaceful solution.

“Therefore, we emphasize the importance of adopting a constructive attitude and the necessity of refraining from statements that could harm the process,” the minister added.

He said Türkiye prioritize maintaining the security environment and stability in the Caucasus, as well as promptly implementing projects that will contribute to the region’s development.

“With this understanding, we will continue to support our brotherly nation Azerbaijan with the principle of two states, one nation, standing united with them under all circumstances,” the minister vowed.

Türkiye’s activities in the Mediterranean are continued intensively, he said, adding that the country, with the longest coastline in the Mediterranean, will maintain a principled stance in maritime jurisdiction areas, aiming to preserve equal sovereign rights and ensure “fair resource-sharing.”

“On the other hand, we have taken and continue to take significant initiatives in the region via the agreement signed with our neighbor Libya in the Mediterranean,” he said.

– Türkiye supporting people in Gaza

Türkiye has provided all necessary support and assistance, primarily through air transportation, for the people of Gaza’s urgent medical, food, and humanitarian needs, Guler said.

“In recent times, our relations with Egypt have regained momentum and are progressing positively. Meanwhile, under the efforts of President Erdogan, we are actively engaged in initiatives to end the Israeli aggression and massacre in Gaza,” he said.

He said the recently signed military cooperation agreement with Somalia is a valuable step towards enhancing the security and stability of the region, in addition to Ankara’s ongoing military training, assistance, and advisory activities in the area.

“In Ukraine, as we mark the second year since the onset of the devastating conflict, Türkiye remains steadfast in its multifaceted efforts to bring about an end to the war, continuing with the same determination since the very beginning,” he added.

Türkiye has “diligently, responsibly, impartially, and unwaveringly” adhered to the Montreux Convention in reducing tensions and maintaining balance in the Black Sea, and the country will continue to do so resolutely in the future, Guler said.

“In addition to all of this, we contribute significantly to the establishment of security, peace, and tranquility in our heartland countries such as Qatar, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many other regions,” the minister noted.

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