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Türkiye strongly condemns Israeli attack in West Bank

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Foreign Ministry statement comes after 3 Palestinians killed during raid in Jenin on Monday by Israeli forces

Türkiye strongly condemned the attack by Israeli forces that resulted in the killing of three Palestinians in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

“We strongly condemn the attack by Israeli forces today in Jenin of the occupied Palestinian territories, which resulted in death of three Palestinians, including children, and the injury of a large number of people,” the Foreign Ministry said in a written statement.

“We reiterate our calls to the Israeli authorities to immediately end this unacceptable actions which target Palestinian civilians and can lead to a cycle of violence,” it added.

The statement came after three Palestinians were killed during a raid on Monday by Israeli forces in Jenin.

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed that casualties were caused by Israeli gunfire during the raid, which also resulted in the injury of 29 other Palestinians, including five in critical condition.

According to local sources, armored vehicles were used in the raid, while Israeli snipers were positioned on rooftops.

Confrontations erupted between protesting Palestinian residents and Israeli soldiers in response to the incursion.

Israeli forces responded with live ammunition, tear gas, and sound bombs against the young Palestinian protesters.

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