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Türkiye to build new satellite observation terminals abroad

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Satellite operator Turksat to establish new ground terminals in Germany, Afghanistan, in addition to 6 already operating in Türkiye

Türkiye’s growing satellite fleet has prompted the construction of new terminals abroad to improve the country’s observation capabilities, to be built in Germany and Afghanistan.

Efforts are underway to expand Türkiye’s satellite infrastructure and to carry out the frequency observation activities of its Turksat 5A and 5B satellites, as well as Turksat 6A, the country’s first indigenous communications satellite, set to launch into orbit next Monday from the US state of Florida.

The installation of new antennas and subsystems has been completed to ensure uninterrupted monitoring of the Ku-band, X-band, and other protocols.

Türkiye’s sole satellite operator Turksat currently has six observation stations in Türkiye and others in Germany and Afghanistan, to which the firm plans to introduce additions, as well as branching out to other countries to place terminals.

These terminals enable the measurement of satellite landing power in the regions where they are put, as well as the effects of neighboring satellites.

Source: TRT World

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