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Türkiye to hold panel in 12 countries for Security Council reform

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Turkish Communications Directorate will hold panel to highlight need for UN Security Council reform

The panel, A New Approach to United Nations Security Council Reform: A New Approach to Reconstructing the International Order, will host local and foreign participants who are experts in their fields.

The panel aims to point out how the international community and international organizations faced significant challenges in the face of problems in recent years and how the international system was ineffective in addressing these challenges.

The panel also aims to push for a fairer, more democratic and more representative structure in the Security Council.

In a statement, Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said the panel series aim to raise awareness to reactivate the international system and design a new UN and Security Council so that the UN does not suffer the fate of its predecessor, the League of Nations.

In this context, Altun pointed out that the UN’s legitimacy, functionality, effectiveness, inclusiveness, representation and governance issues will be highlighted.

Previously, panels were held in Italy and Argentina, and the second leg of the panel series will start in France’s Paris on Aug. 16.

The panels will continue in London on Aug. 18, in Norway on Aug. 22, in Sweden on Aug. 24 and in the Netherlands on Aug. 26.

These will be followed by panels in South Africa, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Spain and Russia. The last event will be held in New York within the framework of the UN General Assembly in September.

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