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Türkiye urges Armenia to take confidence-building measures, sign peace deal

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The Turkish foreign minister also affirmed that Türkiye and Azerbaijan are sincere about normalisation and urged Armenia to also take sincere steps and sign a peace agreement soon.

The Turkish foreign minister has called on Armenia to take confidence-building measures, noting that normalisation talks between the special representatives of Ankara and Yerevan are ongoing.

Speaking to the media in Turkmenistan on Wednesday, Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “We have taken some steps on opening our airspace and air cargoes as confidence-building measures. Armenia should also take sincere steps.”

Cavusoglu reaffirmed Türkiye’s solidarity with Azerbaijan and said that there are still steps to be taken for the development of the liberated lands of Azerbaijan.

Reminding that the Russian peacekeeping mission is present at the Lachin corridor, Cavusoglu stressed that there is an “illegal” extraction and selling of the land resources belonging to Azerbaijan.

“It is against international law … and it amounts to stealing the wealth of Azerbaijan,” he continued.

The Lachin Corridor is a road that links Armenia and the Karabakh region under an agreement that ended the 44-day war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

In the autumn of 2020, Baku liberated the region from roughly three decades of Armenian occupation.

As part of the agreement, Azerbaijan built a 32-kilometre (20-mile) road passing around Lachin for the Armenian population in Karabakh to use on their way to and from Armenia.

Russian peacekeepers providing security on the route of the old Lachin Corridor were required to move the checkpoints to the new road.

“The prevention of observers from entering the region shows the gravity of the violations committed here … The main responsibility here lies with the Russians, because they are also responsible for the correct functioning in the Lachin Corridor”

“It is Azerbaijan’s right in terms of law and justice, and in terms of standing against these illegal activities in its own territory,” he said.

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