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Türkiye welcomes restoration of Iran-Saudi Arabia ties

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The Foreign Ministry said Türkiye welcomes the restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Calling it a “significant step” taken by Riyadh and Tehran “in conformity with the rapprochement and normalization processes that have prevailed in the Middle East for a while,” the ministry hailed the decision.

Ankara congratulated Saudi Arabia and Iran on their decision and expressed hope that “this progress in the relations between the two countries would lead to important contributions to the security, stability, and prosperity of our region.”

The two Persian Gulf neighbors severed their diplomatic ties after the Saudi diplomatic mission in Tehran was attacked by an angry mob in January 2016 over the execution of a Saudi Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

The two estranged neighbors were engaged in marathon talks since April 2021 to restore diplomatic ties, brokered by Iraq. Both Tehran and Riyadh noted progress but the breakthrough had been eluding.

Regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed on Friday to re-establish diplomatic ties severed since 2016.

As part of the rapprochement, mediated by China, Tehran and Riyadh will re-establish diplomatic relations and reopen embassies. The decision will soothe years of tensions between the two countries.

The deal, struck in Beijing earlier this week amid its ceremonial National People’s Congress, represents a major diplomatic victory for the Chinese as Gulf Arab states perceive the United States slowly withdrawing from the wider Middle East.

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