Türkiye’s Aselsan introduced 3 new systems at Izmir TEKNOFEST - M5 Dergi
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Türkiye’s Aselsan introduced 3 new systems at Izmir TEKNOFEST

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Aselsan CEO speaks to Anadolu about new high-tech systems introduced at Türkiye’s premier technology and aerospace event.

Turkish defense giant Aselsan introduced three new marine systems during this fall’s TEKNOFEST – Türkiye’s premier technology and aerospace event – in the Aegean city of Izmir.

Speaking to Anadolu, Ahmet Akyol, the company’s CEO, said the new systems will be added to the Turkish Naval Forces inventory this year with the fifth ship in the national ship project MILGEM.

Noting that the GOKDENIZ close air defense system was recently integrated into the fifth MILGEM ship, Akyol said to date they have signed export contracts with three countries.

The ship also boasts the new CENK radar system, he said, adding “It is extremely high tech and will allow the detection and identification of all aircraft, missiles, and surface vehicles approaching the ship.”

The AKREP fire control radar was also integrated on board, he added.

The five-day TEKNOFEST – Türkiye’s premier technology and aerospace festival, held three times this year for the first time – kicked off on Wednesday in Izmir and featured competitions, air shows, exhibitions, workshops, wind tunnels, simulations, and planetariums.

Anadolu has been among TEKNOFEST’s media shareholders as a global communications partner since the festival began.

The event was previously held in various Turkish cities in even years and in the Istanbul metropolis in odd years.

To mark the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye, the event was held in three different provinces this year, first at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport in May, welcoming a world record of 2.2 million visitors, and next in the capital Ankara, attracting nearly 1 million people.

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