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Türkiye’s Defence Industry starts mass producing of Altay battle tanks

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New generation Altay tank under the project of Presidency of Defence Industries is upgraded to meet conditions of modern combat environments.

Türkiye has started mass production of the country’s first domestically-made main battle tank, the Altay, Turkish Defence Industries have announced.

Turkish Defence Industries President Haluk Gorgun shared updates on Türkiye’s national tank Altay, on Wednesday, saying, “We have started the mass production of our national tank. There are countries that want to work with us on this internationally, and we are continuing our negotiations with them.”

The new generation Altay tank, produced by BMC Defence under the project of the Presidency of Defence Industries, has been upgraded to meet the conditions of modern combat environments.

“Many subsystems have been localised, updated technologies and innovations have been added to enhance its combat capabilities,” Gorgun said.

Reflecting the experiences gained from the Turkish Armed Forces’ recent operations, the Altay tank has been equipped with additional features. Gorgun added that “digital technologies have been increasingly integrated into the Altay, allowing for more precise and rapid detection, targeting, and engagement of enemy elements”.

Gorgun also emphasised Türkiye’s strength in land vehicles, stating, “We are very strong as a country in the field of land vehicles. We have multiple companies exporting abroad. All their products have advantages that can compete with their global counterparts.”

Gorgun noted the recent announcement of a significant procurement and mentioned that there are new acquisitions on the horizon. He highlighted that NATO countries in Europe have chosen their products and that there will be new advancements in personnel carriers and armored vehicles.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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