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Türkiye’s domestic vertical launch system fires missile off frigate

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The homegrown vertical launch system (VLS) MIDLAS has fired its first missile from a naval frigate, according to an official statement on Tuesday, marking another significant milestone for the Turkish defense industry.

This test, which involved the test-firing of a Turkish-made Hisar-D naval air defense missile from the TCG Istanbul, marked a crucial milestone and the completion of the National Vertical Launch System’s naval acceptance trials, said the statement by Türkiye’s Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), which supervised the test.

It was the latest test in a series of procurement projects for such a system, built by Turkish missile producer Roketsan, under the MILGEM National Ship Project for the country’s navy, it added.

This is a critical milestone achieved as part of the MILGEM 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Ships Vertical Launch System Procurement Project initiated by the SSB and carried out by Roketsan as the main contractor to meet the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

More test fires to come

SSB President Haluk Görgün, who was present at the trial, highlighted its significance for the Turkish defense industry. He expressed his “excitement and pride” and mentioned that more test fires are planned in the future.

Görgün emphasized ongoing efforts to reduce the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TSK) reliance on foreign sources and meet critical needs domestically.

“We are past another important milestone in the MILGEM Vertical Launch System Procurement Project, which we initiated within the scope of the needs of our Naval Forces Command. MIDLAS, which was integrated into Türkiye’s first national frigate, the TCG Istanbul, successfully fired the Hisar-D RF missile,” he said.

“With this test, for the first time in Türkiye, a national air defense missile was fired from a naval platform using a national launcher,” he added.

Görgün also mentioned that as the project’s work advanced, MIDLAS could launch other Turkish-made missiles, including Atmaca anti-ship munitions and Siper and Sapan air defense missiles.

“Another important achievement in the firing tests was the launch of the Hisar-D RF missile, using the integrated use of all other ship radar/sensor and fire control systems, especially the national combat management system ADVENT on TCG Istanbul,” Görgün said.

According to Görgün, another firing test achievement was the successful integrated use of all other ship radar/sensor and fire control systems, particularly the national combat management system Advent, on the TCG Istanbul.

“The safe separation test of the Hisar-D RF missile from TCG Istanbul was also successfully completed,” he added.

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