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UK Air Force Hones Combat Skills in Poland Exercise

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The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) tested its Typhoon fleet’s combat skills in Operation Carson in Poznan, Poland, flying with Polish, Italian, US, and Spanish Air Forces to promote air interoperability.

The multirole flight team completed various outmaneuvering and Dissimilar Air Training drills to compare tactics with Polish F-16 and Italian F-35s.

The exercise was conducted amid statements by defense ministers at the Warsaw Security Forum urging allies to “maintain support for Ukraine and keep up the pressure on Russia.”

A United Endeavor
Polish 31st Tactical Air Base Commander Colonel Lukasz Piątek explained the importance of combining basic fighter movements with other forces, while also promoting flexible and agile air operations with minimal support.

“This partnership-building endeavour enhances interoperability between Polish F-16s and British Typhoons and the training enables both sides to engage in realistic practice in the demanding aerial domain,” he said.

Infantrymen also participated, with the US and UK Joint Terminal Air Controllers directing combat when jets provided aerial support to ground troops.

Protecting Baltic Skies
The RAF Typhoons also flew with their Spanish counterparts in Lithuanian air space to hone close positioning maneuvers with the help of NATO’s surveillance systems. This comes after the UK’s handover of its NATO Baltic Air Policing responsibilities to Spain in August.

The policing mission aims to guard Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania amidst dozens of Russian aircraft transiting close to NATO members’ airspace.

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