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UK Intel: Ukraine ‘Highly Likely’ Recaptured Territory Held by Russia Since 2014

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The Ukrainian military has “highly likely” recaptured territory that had been occupied and controlled by Russia since 2014.

The development was highlighted in a recent UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) intelligence report released amid Kyiv’s ongoing spring offensive.

According to the ministry, airborne forces from the war-torn nation made small advances in the Krasnohorivka village near Donetsk, which sits on the old Line of Control.

It disclosed that “multiple concurrent Ukrainian assaults throughout the Donbas” have overstretched Donetsk People’s Republic and Chechen forces operating in the area.

“This is one of the first instances since Russia’s February 2022 invasion that Ukrainian forces have highly likely recaptured an area of territory” annexed since 2014, the UK MoD stated.

Russian-backed forces who are part of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic had reportedly been fighting the Ukrainian Army for eight years before the 2022 invasion began.

‘Slowly But Surely’
Ukraine’s highly-touted spring offensive that started earlier this month has instilled concerns among military observers due to the “small progress” being made.

It has also been called a “suicide mission” by some military analysts because soldiers have reportedly been running around in different locations instead of focusing on one area at a time.

However, senior Ukrainian military officials clarified that Kyiv’s forces are making sure that they are advancing “slowly but surely” on the frontline to avoid further losses.

Previous reports revealed that Russia had been putting up stiff resistance, making the mission difficult for the war-torn nation.

“Ukraine’s defense forces are proceeding with their offensive action and we have made advances. The enemy is offering strong resistance, while sustaining considerable losses,” Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief General Valery Zaluzhniy said.

Amid reports of slow progress, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar warned that the most significant blow for Moscow in the spring offensive has yet to come.

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