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UK, Poland to Collaborate on Weapons Development

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The UK and Poland have agreed to collaborate on developing future weapon systems to bolster their military ties and defense capabilities.

The deal comes as Russia continues to pummel Ukraine, fueling the necessity for other European nations to increase their military arsenal through co-development efforts.

One of the documents signed concerns creating a new working group to explore the potential for joint development of a Future Common Missile.

Although details are yet to be disclosed, the UK said it envisions the weapon to be a medium-to-long-range, surface-launched missile that can be used in both land and maritime environments.

The missiles would strengthen Warsaw and London’s diplomatic ties, as well as deepen the interoperability of their armed forces.

Apart from joint missile development, Polish Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak and British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace signed a statement of intent to jointly procure and operate three frigates based on the Arrowhead-140.

Acceptance of SHORAD System

The signing of collaborative agreements coincided with the acceptance ceremony for Poland’s first small Narew SHORAD (Short-range air defense) system produced in partnership with MBDA.

The system will reportedly complement Warsaw’s Wisla medium-range air defense and anti-ballistic missile system in protecting military units, facilities, and air bases.

It will also be used to engage enemy multi-role aircraft, cruise missiles, and drones operating at low altitudes.

“We are drawing conclusions from the war that is taking place in Ukraine,” Błaszczak said. “That is why we started the process of cooperation with [the UK], which resulted in the fact that the Polish soldiers received system operators’ certificates, and the Polish Army will be equipped with elements of the ‘small’ Narew.”

The “small” version of the Narew SHORAD system includes a multi-mission 3D radar, three iLauncher launchers, two transport and loading vehicles, and a Zenit fire control station.

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