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UK Royal Marines to purchase 159 Snowmobiles for Arctic ops

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The UK Royal Marines are investing 10 million pounds ($12.6 million) in 159 snowmobiles for Arctic missions.

The Commando Force, the UK’s specialist extreme cold weather troops, is receiving the fleet of Lynx Brutal Over Snow Reconnaissance Vehicles from Canadian firm Bombardier Recreational Products.

The new vehicles will be used by the Littoral Response Group to deploy troops across a wider area for reconnaissance, raiding, and strike missions in Northern Europe.

Commando Force Programme Director Captain Nick Unwin said the acquisition marks the next step in the Commando Force’s transformation.

“The Lynx Brutal is a well-proven vehicle operated by many partners and allies, and will play a key part in the Commando’s ability to operate in areas and in ways that are beyond the capabilities of conventional forces in the High North,” he stated.

Delivery for the snowmobiles will begin in March 2025.

A Better Travel Method

Designed to operate in deep snow and rough off-trail spots, the Lynx Brutal is ideally suited for tactical positioning behind enemy lines.

It is equipped with a 180-horsepower engine and is fitted with a 37-liter fuel tank for increased operability.

Its ability to travel great distances across difficult terrain will help the force cover more ground, eliminating the need to employ traditional methods of travel such as skiing, being towed by armored vehicles, or walking with snowshoes.

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