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UK sends Brimstone Mobile Missile Launchers to Ukraine

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The UK has sent dozens of modified combat vehicles to Ukraine as Brimstone missile launchers.

The vehicles were delivered in November along with Brimstone-2 anti-armor missiles, according to open-source intelligence tracker Oryx, which follows military equipment deliveries to Ukraine.

The British military developed the vehicle, dubbed Wolfram, at the early stages of the war as Kyiv requested help to counter Russia’s heavy armor, The Independent reported.

“Brimstone would have been ideal for the job, but they were launched from advanced warplanes the Ukrainians did not have,” the British outlet wrote.

“After a weekend of looking at the problem, the boffins at the Ministry of Defence came up with the solution – using an office laptop, commandeering a truck, and getting a power generator from a B&Q store.”

Wolfram Project

Before the introduction of Wolfram, the Ukrainians were seen firing the missile from converted flat-bed trucks with limited accuracy.

The Wolfram is a joint effort between the UK MoD, missile manufacturer MBDA, and Supacat.

The vehicle integrates a Supacat High Mobility Transporter 600 vehicle with an eight-pack Brimstone launcher.

Brimstone Missile

The Brimstone is a derivative of the American Hellfire missile with a range of 12 miles (19 miles).

The UK sent 600 Brimstone missiles early in the war and an undisclosed quantity of Brimstone-2s in November.

The Brimstone-2 has around twice the range of its predecessor and a 50-kilogram (110 pounds) warhead with a tandem-shaped charge to penetrate hardened and reactive armor.

The MBDA missile combines active millimeter-wave radar and a semi-active laser seeker for precise strikes, including on moving targets.

According to The Independent, the British military has inducted the vehicle as standard weaponry, with possible export orders pending.

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