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Ukraine develops new robotic mini-tank

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The Ukrainian defense sector has unveiled a cutting-edge unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), called the “Lyut” (Fury).

According to Militarnyi, the innovative robotic platform is equipped with a PKT 7.62mm machine gun, designed to meet the rigorous demands of military operations.

The “Lyut” is built on a wheeled chassis with full-wheel drive, optimized for intensive military tasks. It is engineered to function as a mobile turret, capable of conducting diversionary maneuvers and pinpointing enemy positions upon engagement, thereby enhancing battlefield dynamics.

The “Lyut” moved from being an experimental concept to entering the phase of industrial prototype development. This current phase encompasses internal testing, the formulation of necessary documentation for codification, and the rectification of minor defects identified during the test phase. The UGV has been subjected to over thirty testing protocols, assessing its firing precision, communication capabilities under electronic warfare conditions, navigational effectiveness across various terrains, and battery endurance.

Key outcomes from these trials include achieving a direct line-of-sight communication range of up to 2 kilometers. In environments with natural and man-made obstructions, the communication range is effectively maintained at approximately 700 meters. The integrated machine gun, augmented by targeting cameras, delivers accurate firepower up to 800 meters. In electronic warfare scenarios, particularly when employing the domestically produced “Bukovel” EW systems, the “Lyut” has shown proficient operational capabilities within a 700-meter radius of the EW unit.

This endeavor was launched in direct response to a military requisition for a combat-ready robot, marking the team’s inaugural foray into such advanced robotic development. The insights gained from the initial prototype, crafted in the autumn of 2022, have been instrumental in refining the “Lyut” and fostering further innovations in Ukraine’s combat robotics sector.

Designed with a distinct focus on combat utility, the “Lyut” features a low center of gravity and strategically integrated weapon systems to minimize its profile and maximize durability. The design of its wheels allows for resilience against damage, ensuring operational continuity even under hostile fire. Its armor is tailored to resist standard small arms fire, with the exception of armor-piercing ammunition, and it boasts an impressive ammunition capacity of 550 rounds.

The communication technology employed in the “Lyut” mirrors that found in commercial drones, offering a cost-effective and straightforward operational protocol. The user interface is intuitive, necessitating a single operator to manage both the robot and its combat module via dual joysticks. This design principle guarantees that individuals with prior drone piloting experience can rapidly become proficient in controlling the UGV.

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