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Ukraine received Brimstone 2 missiles from UK

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Ukraine received modern Brimstone 2 missiles as part of military assistance from the UK. The supply of Brimstone missiles’ first generation was reported previously.

The analytical project Ukraine Weapons Tracker published the Brimstone 2 supply news.

Due to the published photo of the shipment of military property as part of military assistance for Ukraine, it became known that the United Kingdom supplies the Armed Forces not only with old versions of Brimstone 1 missiles, but also with modern Brimstone 2 Dual Mode missiles.

Brimstone is a family of air-to-surface guided missiles developed by the MBDA International consortium.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the UK has already delivered hundreds of these missiles to Ukraine. Brimstone was modified for use on ground targets by the military so that it could be fired from launchers on the ground.


The first generation Brimstone rocket is 1.8 m long and 180 mm in diameter. The missile has a 6.3 kg multifunctional tandem warhead that is capable of penetrating dynamic armor, with the missile weighing about 50 kg.

The guidance system uses millimeter wave radar and a semi-active laser. The maximum range of the first generation missile is 20 km.

In 2010, as part of the SPEAR program, the Brimstone missile system was upgraded to Brimstone 2. The missile received an improved homing head, modular design, an improved airframe and updated software, resulting in the missile receiving an increased range of up to 60 km.

For the first time, the use of British-made guided missiles by the Ukrainian army became known in May this year.

It is known that despite the ability of Brimstone missiles in the new version to strike at ranges up to 60 km, the real range of missiles launched from the ground is reduced to 10-12 km. This is caused by the rocket’s large energy costs to gain altitude.

Subsequently, the video with the firing of missiles on the equipment of the Russian military was published by Combat-ua instructor Pavlo Kashchuk. It was noted that the operation to destroy enemy units was carried out by the Special Operations Forces operators.

“They say the Orcs have a bit of panic there. Tanks tear down towers even in the rear. There are already rumors about new ghost planes from NATO, but no, just good old Brimstone in the skillful hands of Special Operations Forces fighters and a little military cunning,” said Pavlo Kashchuk.

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