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Ukraine to receive Portuguese Tekever AR3 UAVs

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Ukraine in the framework of international military assistance will receive, in particular, Portuguese Tekever AR3 UAVs.

The publication conveys such information with reference to the representatives of the manufacturer of these drones.

A few days ago, the British Ministry of Defense published a video on its social media page showcasing military equipment provided to Kyiv by the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU).

The supply of the equipment by the fund is financed by the United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Lithuania and Sweden.

The publication writes that according to the published video, Ukraine will receive large Malloy T150 quadcopters manufactured by the British company Malloy Aeronautics, a fixed-wing hybrid drones with the possibility of vertical takeoff and landing DeltaQuad Pro VTOL manufactured by the Dutch company DeltaQuad, and Astero ISR UAVs.

However, it is noted that the British Ministry of Defense refused to reveal specific names of drones from the video, which was published on social media.

According to Defense News, the first supplies of military equipment through the IFU fund will arrive in Ukraine in July this year.

Other UAVs were also captured in the posted video. According to the publication, this is the Portuguese Tekever AR3 multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle, which was developed by Tekever.

The video shows two variants of the Tekever AR3 UAV: the one with vertical takeoff and landing, as well as the catapult-launched one.

“Yes, our Tekever AR3 system is depicted in the video produced by the UK MoD,” said a Portuguese company spokesman.

In turn, Tekever’s CEO and founder, Ricardo Mendes adds that the company is “very proud to support Ukraine and thankful to the UK MoD and IFU for allowing us to contribute to one of the most important causes of our lifetime”.

The small Tekever AR3 drone is designed to provide aerial surveillance over both land and sea. Depending on the variant, such UAVs have a flight duration of 8 to 16 hours.

The aircraft with a wingspan of 3.5 m, a length of 1.9 m and a weight of 25 kg is capable of carrying up to four kilograms of payload in the form of various special equipment. Tekever AR3 can develop a speed of 75-90 km/h. The drone can be launched from a catapult, it is also equipped with a vertical takeoff system.

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