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Ukrainian Army Spotted Using Israeli-Made Armored Vehicles

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The Ukrainian Army was spotted using several Israeli-made armored vehicles for the first time in the newly-liberated city of Kherson.

A Twitter account that tracks weapons and equipment supplied to Ukraine showed photos of the Gaia Amir Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles used in the invasion.

They were parked along residential buildings in an unspecified village in the Kherson region and are believed to have taken a large part in Ukraine’s retaking of the city.

While there is no information on how these vehicles appeared in the war-torn nation, Israel has made it clear that it would not supply military aid to Kyiv.

The Middle Eastern country only agreed to send humanitarian aid and early warning systems due to “operational restrictions.”

Meanwhile, a video released by a Russian Telegram channel showed a Gaia Amir MRAP vehicle targeted and destroyed by a Lancet suicide missile.

This fueled speculation that the unreported delivery of Israeli-made armored vehicles to Ukraine has been going on for a while.

The Gaia Amir MRAP

The Gaia Amir MRAP is a multi-purpose 4×4 armored vehicle that carries up to 12 people.

It is based on a commercial Ford F550 chassis with independent suspension.

The vehicle has a rotary turret with a high-powered machine gun mounted on top.

The Gaia can transport personnel, evacuate wounded soldiers, deliver military supplies, and conduct reconnaissance missions.

Abone Ol 

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