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Ukrainian military received 15 more H10 Poseidon UAVs

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine received another 15 H10 Poseidon drones with special control posts, ground stations, and antenna systems.

The cost of the transferred equipment is UAH 75 million. Half of these funds were raised by the NGO “Sprava Hromad.”

“These are 15 Poseidon “birds” with special control posts, a large number of ground stations, antenna systems, and all the necessary equipment. What is the power of these systems? They provide gunners and scouts, pilots and commanders unique opportunities, interaction through secure communication systems with artillery,” Petro Poroshenko stated when transferring the systems.

“The main thing we learn is piloting. The tactics of operating these drones are based on the experience that exists with similar systems, and we transfer it to this one as well. We still somehow improvise and come up with new tactics. With small steps, a database of ideas and techniques that come from the front is coming together. Of course, we teach this to the guys, share what we ourselves heard from front-line soldiers, thus preparing them,” the instructor said.

The transferred systems will immediately be sent to the combat zone to perform tasks.

Swarmly’s H10 Poseidon Mk II drones have an operational range of up to 150 kilometers with an altitude of up to 4,000 meters. The cruising speed is 75 km/h. They are equipped with EW protection, Israeli optics, and a thermal imaging camera.

Military personnel who received the equipment are trained to effectively apply these systems. Training takes place at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.
The UAV is designed as a high-wing monocoque airframe with an electric motor and pushing propeller, as well as four stationary mounted electric motors for vertical takeoff and landing.

This type of propulsion system is used not only for takeoff, landing, and hovering in the air but also for emergency landing during the flight instead of using an emergency parachute.

In March, the military received eight more H10 Poseidon UAVs – two systems and two additional aircraft.

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