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US Air Force, Raytheon Conduct first AMRAAM F3R test

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The US Air Force and Raytheon Missiles & Defense conducted the first AIM-120D3 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) Form, Fit, Function Refresh (F3R) live-fire test recently.

The $125 million AMRAAM F3R represents a comprehensive redesigning of the missile’s hardware “impacting 15 Circuit Card Assemblies replacing early 2000s technology components” for enhanced and optimized performance.

The first of the five live-fire tests — involving the F-15E Strike Eagle-launched missile striking a long-range aerial target —  validated the missile’s performance, putting its hardware under physical stress.

More Tests to Follow

“The primary objective was to prove out sub-system integration to support all phases of guided flight. The test also demonstrated full system integration and performance,” Raytheon wrote.

The tests will involve multiple scenarios and targets to validate the AIM-120D3’s advanced functionality and capabilities before being qualified for production and fielding.

“Successful execution proves the redesigned hardware and software are progressing as expected and puts us one step closer to fielding a reliable, sustainable air-to-air capability to the warfighter,” 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron engineering and advanced programs director Maj. Heath Honaker said.

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