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US Army buys Hummer All-Electric vehicle

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The US Army has purchased an all-electric Hummer vehicle from American automotive manufacturer General Motors to undergo testing and evaluation.

The acquisition is part of the service’s continuing effort to explore using battery-electric and hybrid vehicles to support frontline and other military missions.

The army seeks to decrease its reliance on fossil fuels through an all-electric fleet of light-duty non-tactical vehicles by 2027.

“We are trying to help defense and government partners transition to an EV (electric vehicle) future so this is one of the steps,” company spokesperson Sonia Taylor told Detroit Free Press.

No specific details were provided regarding the value of the acquisition, but the media outlet revealed that a retail Hummer costs $108,700.

The vehicle will reportedly need to incorporate a “scalable and adaptable” capability without heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

It will also demonstrate its ability to effectively generate, store, and distribute power to soldiers in an operational environment.

Apart from Hummer EV, the US Army has purchased another electric vehicle from American automotive startup Canoo for analysis and demonstration.

Abone Ol 

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