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US Army equips Arctic unit with modernized networking gear

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The US Army has revealed that its Arctic unit is now equipped with upgraded communications and networking gear.

The suite includes modernized radios, variable height antennas, and small satellite terminals, allowing commanders to access secure but unclassified networks.

The gear is expected to enhance soldier mobility, making communications on the battlefield “more intuitive.”

The 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 11th Airborne Division, has begun training on the new equipment.

Once the training is complete, the unit will use the Capability Set 21 system during future exercises in the Pacific.

Delivering a ‘Modern, Resilient’ Tactical Network

Developing and deploying new communications and networking gear to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team is part of the US Army’s technological upgrades known as “capability sets.”

Upgrading the tactical network in Alaska comes as the US continues to bolster its capabilities in the Arctic region amid increasing threats from adversaries such as China and Russia.

According to the US Army, equipping its soldiers with the most advanced communications gear is a critical step toward fulfilling its commitment to deliver a “modern, resilient” tactical network to soldiers.

“Even as we complete the design for the first capability set, we continue to refine the network as new technologies emerge,” Maj. Gen. Peter Gallagher said in 2020.

“Moving forward, we will continue to base our decisions on density of experimentation to give us the most network capability for the amount of money the Army can spend.”

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