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US Army seeking 500 new HIMARS by 2028

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The US Army is looking for a defense firm that can manufacture and deliver up to 100 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) per year.

The move comes as the country replenishes its stockpiles, which have been severely diminished by supplying Ukraine for its defense against Russia.

The army’s request for information stated that the potential contractor may be awarded a five-year contract for a total of 500 HIMARS until 2028.

It further stated that the agreement would include system engineering, program management, integrated logistics support, provision of spare parts, and training.

“The total quantities for HIMARS include all potential variants,” the army said.

Once delivered, the 500 new launchers would almost double the world’s supply of the weapons platform.

The US Army currently operates 363 HIMARS, while the US Marine Corps has 47. Romania and Singapore both have 18 HIMARS, while Jordan operates 12.


According to Lockheed Martin, the M142 HIMARS provides strategic capability to the army, improving key asset defense while reducing overall mission costs.

It is mounted on a five-ton Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles and can be transported by a C-130 aircraft.

Current models have an increased crew protection armored cab to support an expeditionary, lethal, survivable, and tactically mobile force.

“The HIMARS carries one launch pod containing either six Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System rockets or one Army Tactical Missile System missile,” the army explained.

The weapon system is credited with Ukraine’s apparent success in defending against Russia’s aggression.

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