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US Army seeks HIMARS Fire Control Systems for Ukraine, Taiwan

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The US Army has sought information on M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) fire control systems for partner nations Ukraine, Taiwan, and Latvia.

The US Army Contracting Command issued a “source sought” notification last month for International Field Artillery Tactical Data System (IFATDS).

Artillery Tactical Data System

The IFATDS is the international export version of the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), which has been in service with the US Army and the Marines since 1995.

The AFATDS is an automated fire-support command, control, and communications system. It uses multiple-source information, such as situational awareness data, intelligence information data, and targeting data, to provide effective targeting decisions.

Increased Accuracy, Efficiency, Speed

The software is expected to enhance the HIMARS’ accuracy, increasing its efficiency and kill chain speed.

“The AFATDS provides fully automated support for planning, coordinating, controlling, and executing fires and effects such as mortars, field artillery cannons, rockets and missiles, close air support, attack aviation, and naval surface fire-support systems,” the US Army states.

“AFATDS interoperates and integrates with more than 80 different battlefield systems, including Navy and Air Force command and control weapon systems and German, French, Turkish, and Italian fire-support systems.”

Eighteen IFATDS for Ukraine

The Army Contracting Command request has sought 89 IFATDS software and hardware: 18 for Ukraine, 55 for Latvia, and 16 for Taiwan.

In addition, the notification has requested classroom and field training, installation fielding support and post-deployment software support, and one year of in-country field service support.

The command clarified that it’s not requesting proposals but merely identifying the potential providers of the system and associated components and services.

The US delivered over a dozen HIMARS to Ukraine this year, while Taiwan expects its first delivery in 2027. Latvia is also planning to buy up to six HIMARS.

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