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US Army tests Anduril’s Ghost-X autonomous drone

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The U.S. Army recently conducted evaluations of the new Ghost-X unmanned aircraft system, a cutting-edge autonomous drone developed by Anduril Industries.

The evaluation took place at Fort Irwin, California, during Project Convergence – Capstone 4 (PC-C4), where the capabilities of this advanced technology were put to the test.

Led by the U.S. Army’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems platoon from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, 316th Cavalry Brigade, the evaluation aimed to assess the Ghost-X’s performance in simulated combat scenarios. This experimentation involved collaboration between soldiers from the 316th Cavalry Brigade and the 82nd Airborne Division, showcasing the integration of autonomous systems with traditional military operations.

Project Convergence – Capstone 4 (PC-C4) serves as a crucial platform for the U.S. Army to explore the integration of modernization capabilities and formations in future operating environments. As part of this joint and multinational experiment, executed by the Joint Modernization Command, the evaluation of the Ghost-X provides valuable insights into the potential of autonomous drones in enhancing military capabilities.

Developed as the newest and most advanced variant of Anduril’s Ghost autonomous uncrewed aircraft system, the Ghost-X incorporates operational feedback gathered from extensive flight hours and diverse environments. With input from various customers, including the UK Ministry of Defence, the Ghost-X is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of reconnaissance, security, and force protection missions.

One of the features of the Ghost-X is its highly modular and flexible design, tailored for expeditionary deployments and operations in challenging environments. Leveraging Anduril’s Lattice software platform, the Ghost-X automates mission planning, airspace management, and flight operations, alleviating the cognitive load on operators and streamlining training processes.

Moreover, the Ghost-X embodies Anduril’s commitment to user-centric design, with a rail-centric architecture that facilitates the integration of new propulsion systems, payloads, and software updates.

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