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US Army tests new M88A3 recovery vehicle

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The new version of the legendary M88 recovery vehicle, in A3 configuration, is currently undergoing rigorous reliability and maintainability testing at the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground.

Led by Test Officer Yoselyn Vargas of the Combat Automotive System Division, this phase is integral to ensuring the efficacy and longevity of military vehicles.

This testing phase is pivotal in ensuring the vehicle’s functionality, particularly its ability to perform single-vehicle recovery operations for modern Abrams tanks. With upgrades designed to enhance towing capacity and overall performance, the new M88A3 promises to be a significant asset in battlefield recovery operations.

Vargas emphasizes the importance of verifying the vehicle’s capabilities, especially considering the introduction of new upgrades. With the M88A3 designed to rescue disabled tanks, its performance surpasses its predecessor, the M882, by offering single-vehicle recovery capabilities for modern, heavier Abrams tanks.

Unlike the M88A2, which requires the collaboration of two vehicles for recovery operations, the M88A3 eliminates this logistical complexity. BAE Systems’ advancements include a modernized powertrain, a seventh road wheel for stability, and hydro-pneumatic suspension units for enhanced mobility.

The primary objective is to increase towing capacity from 70 to 80 tons, ensuring effective battlefield rescue missions. Two M88A3 vehicles are undergoing extensive testing, covering 6,000 miles collectively, with each individually completing 3,000 miles. The vehicles are also evaluated for their hoisting and winching capabilities.

Testing commenced in mid-March and is projected to continue throughout the year. Aberdeen Proving Ground is also actively involved, assessing vehicle longevity in sandy conditions. As the M88A3 progresses through testing, it represents a significant advancement in battlefield recovery capabilities, enhancing mission effectiveness and soldier safety.

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