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US buy 14 advanced amphibious vehicles from BAE Systems

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The US Marine Corps has awarded an $89.5 million contract to defense manufacturer BAE Systems to supply 14 advanced amphibious combat vehicles (ACVs).

The deal indicates that the ACVs must feature state-of-the-art sensors and vetronics, the “digital brain” of the vehicle.

The ACV is a wheeled combat vehicle capable of transporting up to 13 soldiers from ships offshore. It is designed to accommodate new capabilities in the future, such as integration with unmanned systems.

The vehicle can swim to shore from as far as 12 miles (19.3 kilometers) and quickly switch from water operation to ground operation.

It has a maximum speed of eight knots (14 kilometers/9.2 miles per hour) at sea in waves as high as three feet.

The ACV provides direct fire support for Marine infantry, destroying light enemy combat vehicles.

The new ACVs will replace the service’s aging fleet of amphibious assault vehicles.

Abone Ol 

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