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US considers providing cluster munitions to Ukraine

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There is a decision-making process ongoing, says Mark Milley

The US is contemplating the possibility of supplying cluster munitions to Ukraine, said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said on Friday.

“The Ukrainians have asked for it, other European countries have provided some of that, the Russians are using it,” said Milley in his remarks at National Press Club. “There’s a decision-making process ongoing”.

He said no final decision has been made.

Milley noted that the support for ATACMS missiles and the F-16 is constantly reviewed as needed.

Wagner group revolt

Asked whether the Wagner group’s revolt against the government in Russia had weakened President Vladimir Putin, Milley said that it was too early to come to a conclusion on this issue.

There are some developments showing that support for the war in Russia has decreased, and it is not possible to know this exactly, he said, stating that many people left Russia in this context.

Wagner private military group was recently involved in an armed mutiny in Russia. Putin described Wagner’s rebellion as “treason.”

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