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US Military developing ‘alternative operating facility’ in Pacific

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The US military is constructing another facility in the Pacific amid concerns that China’s growing military capabilities pose a serious threat to Guam and Hawaii.

Satellite images obtained by The War Zone show major construction at Tinian International Airport in the Northern Mariana Islands.

The expansion is reportedly meant to provide a vital alternative location for the US Air Force should Beijing attack and knock out Guam.

It also comes amid growing concerns about Andersen Air Force Base’s vulnerability to high-powered Chinese missiles in potential future warfare.

A portion of Tinian International Airport has already been cleared to construct a new taxiway and aircraft parking apron that could be used in a crisis.

The military also plans to install new fuel storage facilities and a pipeline linking them to the airport.

Bolstering Guam’s Defenses

Last month, a Taipei-based analyst revealed that several satellite images showed a Chinese training base housing a mock-up ship and other targets in the shape of military assets in Taiwan and Guam.

It was also reported last year that Beijing built targets resembling American aircraft carriers and two Arleigh Burke destroyers.

Amid increasing concerns about a potential attack, the US is moving to bolster Guam’s defense capabilities.

A nearly $900 million budget has been proposed to procure a new missile defense system and strengthen the island’s command-and-control capabilities.

The US Navy also conducted “first-of-its-kind” naval drills near Guam, alongside naval forces from Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

The exercises were held to sharpen the skills and strengthen the cooperation of the four allied nations at sea.

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