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US Navy Orders Nine Small Underwater Drones

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HII Mission Technologies has secured a contract worth over $347 million to deliver nine small underwater drones to the US Navy, with the option for 200 more over the next five years.

The project supports the US Department of Defense’s Lionfish System initiative, which seeks next-generation autonomous sub-surface systems for the navy.

“We are pleased with the Navy’s decision to support a combat-proven technology, essential to the Navy’s undersea mission,” Mission Technologies Unmanned Systems President Duane Fotheringham said.

“Our team is committed to delivering fully capable vehicles that will enhance the effectiveness of the warfighter against emerging threats.”


The US Navy’s Lionfish drones will be based on HII’s proprietary REMUS 300, a two-operator platform built with flexible payload configurations and an open architecture design for future user requirements.

REMUS 300 was officially selected in 2022 to replace the navy’s aging Swordfish sub-surface vehicles modeled from the REMUS 100.

REMUS 300 can reach up to 305 meters (1,000 feet) in depth and reach a maximum speed of up to 5 knots (9.2 kilometers/5.8 miles per hour).

It features a three-blade propeller, acoustic communications, a WiFi network, LED and infrared lights, and a global positioning unit.

REMUS 300 leverages various sensors and optional payloads to support missions ranging from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, mine countermeasures, search and recovery, anti-submarine warfare, as well as environmental assessments.

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