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US Navy Receives Latest Next-Generation Amphibious Hovercraft

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The US Navy has received its next-generation landing craft air cushion vessel (LCAC 106) to support logistics for weapons, cargo, and personnel from ship to shore and across naval territories.

The LCAC 106 handover follows sea trials of the hovercraft led by the navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey, which assessed its readiness and performance.

“We are excited to deliver this next generation craft to the Navy and Marine Corps team,” Capt. Jason Grabelle said.

”LCACs are providing our Navy and partners with the speed and agility essential to our missions.”

US Navy LCAC Fleet

According to the service, the recently commissioned LCACs have been developed with the identical dimensions, clearances, and configurations to the legacy LCAC units.

This approach allows the next-generation LCAC fleet to cooperate with existing deck-equipped amphibious ships.

The US Navy said that industry partner Textron Systems would build 11 units for the LCAC program.

Before the latest delivery, the company handed over the LCAC 103, followed by the LCAC 104 and LCAC 105 earlier this year.

The first class of LCAC, LCAC 101, and LCAC 102 were delivered between 2020 and 2021 and are now in service.

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