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US Orders More Amphibious Combat Vehicles From BAE

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BAE Systems has been awarded $25 million to provide the US Marine Corps with more Amphibious Combat Vehicle-Personnel units (ACV-P) under its fourth order for full-rate production.

The deal is a follow-on order to a previously-awarded $181-million contract for the vehicles.

The agreement also covers the vehicles’ fielding and sustainment costs, as well as support and test equipment.

BAE Systems amphibious vehicles vice president Garrett Lacaillade stated that the deal underlines the company’s commitment to providing the force with state-of-the-art, mission-ready capabilities.

“This contract award allows us to continue to deliver this critical capability to the Marine Corps to enable warfighters to complete ship-to-shore missions and other expeditionary requirements,” Lacaillade said.

Defense firm Iveco will provide additional support for the production of the vehicles.

The ACVs will replace the corp’s Amphibious Assault Vehicles, which were first introduced in 1972.

The Amphibious Combat Vehicles

The ACV was introduced by BAE Systems and Iveco in 2020 as a multi-role, open-ocean-capable vehicle suitable for reconnaissance, combat support,and  multi-terrain transport.

Its four variants focus on specialized roles, equipped with technologies that offer additional support for personnel, command and control, and recovery missions, as well as armaments for increased lethality and protection.

The US currently operates more than 1,300 ACV units. Other operators from around the world include Argentina, Italy, and the Philippines.

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