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US preparing new military aid package for Ukraine

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The United States will announce a new military aid package for Ukraine, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on June 20, as reported by Reuters.

This announcement comes as a conference on restoring Ukraine is slated to be held in London on Wednesday and Thursday. Over 1,000 foreign officials from more than 60 countries, business leaders, and global investors are set to discuss recovery efforts for Ukraine.

“President Biden said that we would stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes, and both of our countries are deeply committed to that,” Blinken stated at a press conference with UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

He added that the United States will continue to fulfill this commitment, including the forthcoming powerful aid package that he will announce on June 21.

A defense budget bill, which includes $80 million for the purchase and transfer of long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, was submitted to the U.S. Congress on June 16.

U.S. President Joe Biden stated on May 30 that providing ATACMS missiles to Ukraine was still under consideration. A resolution was introduced in Congress urging Biden to supply these missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Previously, the Pentagon indicated that the provision of UK Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine did not change Washington’s stance on long-range missiles. Nevertheless, U.S. lawmakers continue to urge Biden to supply Kyiv with longer-range weapons.


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